Actions for the Faith Communities

In order to end Denver's housing and homelessness crisis, we need greater participation from the faith community. Congregations can be agents of change through policy advocacy, housing creation, and challenging the community to reorient its imagination for the kind of city we want to build. 





1. Become an Advocate

More than 350 laws in Colorado cities make homelessness a crime, punishing our state’s most poor and vulnerable. In Denver, it is illegal to cover yourself with a blanket, even on the coldest nights. Sign on to our petition to Denver’s city council to suspend the camping ban and contact us to volunteer with the campaign.


2. Host a Camp

Congregations can offer the homeless a safe place to camp without fear of police harassment. We are helping faith-communities like yours set up these small communities of eight people or less through the winter in ways that are functional for everyone and dignified for the homeless. Click here to learn more. 


3. Provide Temporary Housing

Become a congregation host with one of our partner organizations: Family Promise, Women’s Homelessness Initiative, or the Severe Weather Shelter Network. These nonprofits use congregation buildings to provide a warm bed while getting the homeless connected to services and helping them rebuild their lives.


4. Create Long-Term Housing

Faith-communities around the country have developed over a dozen methods that provide affordable housing for their neighbors. Allow us to consult with your congregation and explore ways any faith-community can help offer long-term homes for the homeless.


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